Spring will be here soon, is your landscape ready?

2599_1028165386523_7404809_nWinter in the metro Atlanta area has been a harsh one this year.  What damage has been made to your home, outdoor living spaces, lawn or gardens this year?  Are your lawn and gardens ready for Spring to come?  Leaves need to be removed, new pine straw or mulch needs to be applied and new flowers, shrubs and trees planted.  Wouldn’t you like some help with this or simply sit back and watch someone else do the work for you?  Paulk Outdoors can take care of simply cleaning up your lawn and gardens or we can install a brand new project that you’ve had in mind all winter long. Cory would be happy to come meet with you and design a brand new area for your family and neighbors to enjoy, or dress up an existing area.  Call today to schedule a time to meet with him, his schedule is filling up quickly!

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